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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Everyday Life - Rosarito!!!

Hello friends,

Today am sharing pictures of our "trip" to Rosarito Beach!  Actually, we did not went to the beach.  We took that route to admire the Ocean and avoid the traffic of Tijuana main areas, when we went to visit my uncle Manuel.

I asked Jaz to take this picture of us getting near the fabulous Ocean!

Driving in the boulevard which take us back to Tijuana!

A little detour to Rancho Del Mar!

Getting out of Rancho Del Mar!  I adore this view.  Honestly I think there are no better views then the Ocean!  I love you Ocean...

Another view of getting out of Rancho Del Mar!

I have a silly theory to confess.  I was born in Chiapas, México! Here is some info about Chiapas, from wikipedia:
Chiapas (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈtʃjapas]). Located in Southwestern Mexico, it is the southernmost State of Mexico. It is bordered by the states of Tabasco to the north, Veracruz to the northwest and Oaxaca to the west. To the east Chiapas borders Guatemala, and to the south the Pacific Ocean.
In general, Chiapas has a humid, tropical climate. In the north, in the area bordering Tabasco, near Teapa, rainfall can average more than 3,000 mm (120 in) per year. In the past, natural vegetation at this region was lowland, tall perennial rainforest, but this vegetation has been destroyed almost completely to give way to agriculture and ranching. Rainfall decreases moving towards the Pacific Ocean, but it is still abundant enough to allow the farming of bananas and many other tropical crops near Tapachula.
Chiapas is home to the ancient Mayan ruins of Palenque, Yaxchilán, Bonampak, Chinkultic. It is also home to one of the largest indigenous populations in the country with twelve federally recognized ethnicities.
Okay, here is my theory.  I think that the waters from the Pacific Ocean from Baja will ultimately go to the Pacific Ocean in Chiapas, therefore if I touch the Ocean water in Baja is like touching the Ocean water in Chiapas!  The only difference is that Ocean water in Chiapas is warm and in Baja is real cold...

 I  know is silly, but I really like to think is true.  Is a way to stay connected to my home town!!!

And since I remembered my hometown, here are some pictures of 2 beaches, near the small town I was born: Tonalá, that I totally love and have visited:

Puerto Arista Beach (Tonalá, Chiapas)

Boca del Cielo Beach (Tonalá, Chiapas)

Oh... my Ocean!!!

Enjoy Life and Be Happy... and scrapbook about it!!!
Creative Diva Luisa
Close to my Heart Independent Consultant

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