Some Print Design Ideas from the Professionals

Print ads aren't dead! While digital media has increased over the past few years, print ads are still used a great deal and are effective marketing tools. Below are a few ideas that your business can incorporate to maximise the effectiveness of your print ads in today's market.

Think beyond the paper − It's easy to see the paper as a limit to what you can show, but a great print ad could include images and text that go beyond the paper edges. This technique suggests the ideas on the ad are so powerful they are breaking out of their confines and can really grab the viewer's attention.


Stick to a grid − Using a grid to construct your ad helps a great deal in its design. Having specific locations for your text and images make the ad more intelligible and easier for the audience to understand and access.


Think about your fonts − Fonts are vitally important to consider when putting together a print ad. Getting the font wrong can potentially give off an unintentionally negative image of your business and even make your content unreadable. Look to contact a good printer if you're thinking of attending a show or event with your ad - quality speak for its self. We did a general Google search and found which has a special tips category on their website.


Image quality − If you're using photographs in your print ads, ensure they are of the highest image quality. If the quality is low the image will look poor due to pixilation, which will reflect negatively on your brand. Also, if you're using photographs make sure they are the best they can be. Five minutes taking another, better shot will save a lot of time and money later on.