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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March, 2014 GOALS!!!

I have decided that the month of March will be a catch-up month for me.  And thinking and thinking I figure it up that I may use 3-4 months as catch-up during the month.  Specially hectic months like January and February!  So... instead of adding more goals, am aiming to finish uncompleted goals from February and only adding a couple, which I really need to take care in March.  Here they are:

1) Yearly Renewals
- IFE voting card
- Wrap up selling of Villa Bonita house

2) Dentist/Nutriologist appointments for Val, Jaz and me.

3) Finish December Daily Album

4) Organize Homeless Layouts into albums

5) Plan schedule for my sister Chepita vacations in April - Get ready to spend unforgettable time with my dear sister.

6) Declutter 10 things from Jaz room, Studio and my room

7) If time permits: paint 1st floor.  Need a weekend for this task and my weekends are packed!!!

There they are!

Enjoy Life and Be Happy... and scrapbook about it!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Currently - February, 2014

What were my CURRENT things during February?

- Buying our new (for us) car!
- BDs with Family and Friends and Life!

- December Daily Album
- Purple Crochet Hat for Val
- Totally not healthy!  Need to go back to healthy eating asap!
- Me time with friends
- That my Mom treatments are going great and she is responding to them!
- Old furniture from dining room, laundry room and Grammy's room.  yay!
- Scrapbook supplies to sell/donate!
- My sister Chepita vacations!
- Organization, Budgeting and of course Crocheting!
- My friends to get together and have fun!
- My Mom attitude at confronting her illness and having faith!

- Revenge
- Hannibal
- The Black List
- My sister Chepita vacations in April!

Enjoy Life and Be Happy... and scrapbook about it!!! Luisa

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monthly Review - February, 2014

Well... February, the month of love is gone and March is here! It's time (actually it was 9 days ago...) to do my Monthly Review (aka Round-up) for the month of February, 2014...

What were my goals for the past month?

Buy new car
*** We bought a 2007 Nissan Xtrail, black, 4 cilinders, automatic! 

Paint first floor rooms
*** Had to postpone this goal for April!

Yearly payments/renewals
  • Property Tax (Predial) DONE
  • Car Tax (Plates) DONE
  • Update IFE voting card information  MOVE TO MARCH
  • Wrap up selling of Villa Bonita House MOVE TO APRIL

Dentist/Nutritionist appointments for Val/Jaz/Me

Finish December Daily album
*** Missing 3 pages plus decorate binder!

That's it... February was short, fast and furious... No regrets, since am working in letting go things!!!

Remember:  Enjoy Life and be Happy... and scrapbook about it!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Project Life 2013 - Weekd 52 & 52 and WRAP-UP!!!

Hello my friends...
Welcome to the last post of my Project life 2013 album pages...
We love Xmas Season and we love to celebrate it with Family and Friends.. Therefore we have tons of pictures.
Am posting 2 weeks with a total of 4 pages:

WEEK 52 - A
12/23 Goodies received from my Secret Santa Sister group.  Love all the stuff and most of them will be used in our December Daily album.
12/24 Getting ready for Xmas dinner:  Mexican Hot Fruit Punch, Gelatines, Salad, Chicken Mole.
12/27 Our home Xmas Lights.
12/27 Whitney ready to sleep under her blanket.
12/28 My brother ready to paint our Laundry room
12/28 Jaz and my brother enjoying some Shrimp and coconut cocktail.
Used some Xmas cards received from PL card swaps.
WEEK 52 - B
12/25 We spent Xmas Eve with my uncle, aunt and cousins, because Mom and Alonzo as Christians they don't like to have mudane music.  Few years ago, we made this arrangement.
On Christmas Day we go to Mom house along with my brother and sisters.
We bring leftovers from our houses and we all eat yummy and a variety of food.
This year the visit was more meaningful, since it was Baby Liam's first Xmas and Grammy finally met him.

WEEK 52 - C
12/25 More pictures of our visit to Mom. 
Group pictures are a must and Baby Liam was in most of them.
You can tell that all the family members are crazy about our latest acquisition,

12/30 Whitney in a cubie.
12/31 Celebrating New Year's Eve with my dear friend Tina's Family.
We had a blast.  We felt like with our own family.  They are so warm and received Grammy with the love of grandchildren. 
Grammy dance and was awake all night until 3:30am.
That's it... That's our Project Life album for 2013... 
We love these albums and I will continue in 2014!
We thank God for a wonderful year in 2013.  Yes, we have some illness in our family, but we have faith in God.  We also have health in majority of out family members.  We have stable jobs, new members are incorporating by birth or by acquisition (marriage), we have warm homes but among all we have our Grandma Sarita with us and that is our biggest blessing...
Happy 2014 to everybody!
Enjoy Life and Be Happy... and scrapbook about it!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Project Life 2013 - Weeks 48, 49, 50 and 51!!!

11/25 Jaz with Alexander... making faces AGAIN!!!
11/26 Jaz kermese from Elementary school
11/28 Alexander hugging baby Liam... priceless
11/30 Visiting mu uncle and aunt.  fun times!!
I did used my Friday 4x6 card!!!

WEEK 49 - Xmas Season begins... yay!!
12/02 Selfie with our Xmas tree as background.
12/03 My handmade (by me... it took me over a year to finish it!) candle, reindeer made with clothespins (a Xmas 2014 project), fridge for employees raffle at work.
12/05 Xmas party at Jaz school.
12/07 Rainny Day at out patio.
12/08 enjoying breakfast at Denny's with Jaz
Lot's of photos during December.  Decided to join a photo a day challenge and I did pretty good!
I split the photo a day challenge photos between December Daily and Project Life album.

12/09 Jaz in robe, after taking a bath, trying to hug William and William barking at her.
12/11 Paleo Breakfast To Go book.
12/12 With my dear friend Teresa in the car.
12/13 Me at the Human Resources department Xmas Party.
12/14 Jaz preparing Grammy pills packs.
12/14 Whitney at the Vet.  She weights 600 grams. (a little more then half lb)
12/15 Karla's selfie (from FB)

12/16 Jaz selfie before going to work.  Beautiful baby!
12/16 Tijuana Cathedral.
12/19 Having tons of fun and eating tons of food with my dear friends Teresa and Hilda.
12/20 Whitney Love posing for the camera.  We took like 50+ pictures to get about 6 good ones.
12/21 Teresa, Tina and I in our Company Xmas Party.  Teresa did a great job organizing the party and Tinita as always very helpful and fun.  It was a great success and we had a blast.

Enjoy Life and Be Happy... and scrapbook about it!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Project Life, 2013 - Weeks 44, 45, 46 & 47

Happy Monday... Let's start the week with happy thoughts and get ready for a productive week!!!
Am posting four weeks this time.  3 more posts of PL spreads and we are done with 2013...  Here I go:
10/31 Halloween customes contest at work
HIGHLIGT: Alexander with his batman custome.

11/04 Jaz Messy Room while declutering session.
11/05 Jaz ready to go to school
11/07 Baby Liam
HIGHLIGHTS - The weekly 4x6 card was created for a "days of the week" card swap.  This was my card.  I did some extra without the day to use it as a Week card.
11/08 After Mom Doctor appointment we went to have some lunch at Samborn's.  Mom was real hungry and she did enjoy the buffet.
11/09 We celebrated my uncle Manuel BD, we had a charades contest and the team who lost had to karaoke sang or sang.  Even Mom and Alonzo sang. We had a really good time with family!

11/14 Jaz with children for 1st grade class.
11/15 Val and her family collage.  Que bonita familia!
11/16 Val with her nurse friends.
11/16 My cousin Erick
HIGHLIGHT: Facebook is becoming my best friend to collect pictures from family. Pretty handy for the weeks I forgot to take pictures and to add variety to our album.

11/19 Grammy with William in a very common pose. Love this card, received from a "dog's card swap".
11/19 Jaz with William. totally agree with the dog Quote...
11/23 Mom and Grammy taking the sun,  My 2 great loves!
11/24 Cooking "Alambre" an stir-fry of bacon, meat, green bell peppers, carrots, potatoes, celery and cheese.
1) Used four cards from swaps.
2) Le the quote from Christian B. Larson:
 "Believe in your self an all that you are.
Know that there is something inside you that is greater then any obstacle"

Enjoy Life and Be Happy... and scrapbook about it!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Everyday Life Photos - Whitney Love!!!

Happy Sunday to all my friends...
It's mid month and I really hope everyone is doing great and enjoying a happy Sunday with family, friends and loveones!!!
Want to see some pretty pictures... Well I have some pictures of our lovely Whitney!!!
Well I have to admit, as much as you see her very lovely, she is a "little devil", she can not stay quiet for more then... a second! 
You look at her and you can say:  Oh she is an angel, but don't trust what you see, she is a "little mis devil"
She is so small that she fits in this cubby...  She was looking to see how tall was to jump down, I had to hold her!
Well, there are 2 times when she can stay calm, I have to admit.  1) When she is eating and 2) When she is sleeping.

She was so tiny in December that she also fit inside the steering wheel.  We were waiting for Jaz from the mini market.

Finally Whitney is a little tired and getting ready to sleet.
What are Whitney fave things to do?  In order or importance, ere they are:
1) Chase William all over the house
2) Bite people fingers
3) Bite her clothes
4) Chase everybody
5) Jump from the stairs to the sofa and from the sofa to the floor
6) Chase William again... and again... and again...

Enjoy Life and Be Happy... and scrapbook about it!!!


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